Making “The Great Escape” from “The Great Reset”

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The funny thing about our money system:

The money in your account wasn’t put there by you.

It was put there by one of just a select few banks.

But as long as that the responsibility of making money accessible to you is passed off to someone else, you actually have no control over how (or if) dollars go into your own bank account.

As we saw earlier this year in Canada, people who contributed to the peaceful protests of the #freedomconvoy that occurred all over Canada discovered that they did not have autonomy over the product of their labour (property).

Many had their bank accounts frozen and even more had harassing calls from their banks.

How about we just stop this nonsense?

(remember; you’ve had enough, now)

Like most things where governance has been surrendered, it’s not difficult to take it all back, and in fact, I’m going to show you a few simple steps to getting started.

Please note: The solution takes two important ingredients.

  1. Rewired paradigms.
    This isn’t a ‘fix’. This is a process. It’s no different than overhauling your mindset around health, relationships, or business. You’re going to need to think like someone who has full sovereignty over what they earn with their labour.
  2. A simple path to convert your currency into something that has more value.
    Thankfully, there are a few options, especially in
    – precious metal
    – acquiring title to land
    – your community
    – cryptocurrencies/barter

And I’m going to touch base briefly on each of these.

But I’m also hosting calls on this in the coming future. Probably lots.

Check it out if you’d like to learn more about what you can do to safeguard your earnings for the future.

Let’s first address the paradigm.

Folks, like it or not, the currency known as the Canadian Dollar doesn’t belong to us.

A corporation created it. It belongs to them. It’s their property. They call the shots.

And just like in your business, you have the right to withhold your product or service from people, the Corporation (known as Canada) exercised their right to deny people access to their own property, the Canadian Dollar.

You can make all the arguments you want about how that is yours. You’re dead wrong. It’s not yours. You’re ‘allowed’ to use it, for a fee (taxes). In fact, your use of their product must comply with the terms and conditions of its use.

And they can change the terms and conditions any time they want. Your use of the product implies consent to the terms and conditions.

Sounds like a tough gig to beat, eh?

It’s not.

Think of their product and banking services like you would a cell phone provider that has lost favour with you.

You don’t complain about the bad service for very long.

You just switch providers.

Folks, there are so many options out there.

Their product (and especially their service) is absolutely deplorable.

So… simply exchange those depreciating dollars (bad product) for something that actually increases in value (good product).

It’s getting really important that you do this soon.

Their product will never increase in value. It was never intended to increase in value. It’s very existence is predicated on it losing value over time. That’s what inflation is. It’s the depreciation of the purchasing power of a currency.

Ok.. so where do we go to protect our earnings – both present and future?

Precious Metals

Gold and Silver are two metals that historically have provided people a fantastic hedge against inflation. I just really recommend finding someone you trust to accept CASH for the gold and silver you’re purchasing.

If you don’t, you risk having the government know about every ounce you purchase with any form of transfer that uses the bank.

Take cash out (in small amounts if you have to), and purchase your metal anonymously.

(In my private conversations, I talk more about what this looks like.)

Acquiring Title to Land

We owe our existence to the land. Dust to dust, remember?

It’s the most valuable asset we have as a people.

With all the restrictions on agriculture coming forward, with a supply chain and energy crisis looming, anyone who has land can be a catalyst for their community’s enrichment. If you already have land that you care for, find ways to bring what you produce to your community instead of relying on the logistics of mass distribution.

  • Grow feed for livestock. Chicken feed is in particularly high demand right now.
  • Good food for farmers markets. Be ready, willing, and able to trade for barter, metals, and cryptocurrencies. People are finding many creative ways to conduct trade – and you want to make sure you can help them wherever they’re at.
  • Become a small hemp farmer. You can make fuel, fabric, rope, food, medicine, concrete, and the list goes on. The miracles we can achieve with that wonder plant are overlooked at our own demise.

The potential we have with our land is so vast, any who learn how to work their land will prosper for generations to come.

Your Community

This is two-fold.

On the one hand, you could meet needs and solve problems for your community with whatever skillset you want to practice. Maybe you’re a mechanic or a plumber. Maybe you can help people out with tech support – or maybe you can build houses.

In short, help your community see what intention you have to be of service to them. That’s the greatest increase in value you’re likely to witness over the next 2-3 years.

Now… on the other hand, there is likely someone in your community that has the passion to make clothing, but with supply chains failing like they are, tailors and designers are going to need fabric.

Invest in the infrastructure that supports the growers and tailors: processing facilities.

Other ideas:

  • small lumber mills
  • warehouse space (for shipping)
  • biofuel distilleries
  • decentralized internet services
  • financing services for small business
  • communications

We are starting up a private investment club for a community in British Columbia. They are prioritizing aspects of their community and putting their money towards helping their community create their own economy.

It makes sense though. There is infinitely more potential of your community increasing in value than the Canadian Dollar ever will.


You’re probably wondering why barter is right next to cryptocurrencies?

(this is another mindset shift)

It’s because blockchain technologies that run cryptocurrency ecosystems support the barter system’s privacy, yet verifiable exchanges can be completed on a transparent ledger.

What does this mean?

Bartering is easy. But a drawback is that it’s usually done with just verbal agreements. This can be problematic with larger projects.

But! You can use the blockchain to etch your agreed barters in stone, ensuring there is integrity in the terms of the agreement in case there is a dispute later on down the road. I’m not going to get into all this on this post; the purpose here is to give you a quick overview.. and to paint a picture of what’s possible:


  • entire high-rises of lawyers needing to be repurposed.
  • having all the funds for public infrastructure managed BY THE PEOPLE… in their own communities.
  • having a world where there is no entity capable of dictating how you must conduct business with your fellow neighbours and which currency you’re limited to using.
  • being able to keep all your earnings – the product of your labour (yes, that means no income tax)… AND have all the social programs you and your community needs fully paid for…


But then also to invite you to the next event where we discuss the monetary system in a private event with open Q&A.

October 19th, 2022 at 6pm MT

Enroll here:

We’re going to cover more details on everything we covered in this post… but then we’re going to go into a deeper dive into each of these strategies and have an extended Q&A session so the content is as relevant to you as possible.

If you want to learn how you can make “The Great Escape” from “The Great Reset”, this call could be the most important introduction you ever see on the topic.

WHILE ON THE CALL, I’ll show you:

  • some of the innovations coming forward, built by teams of people that value financial sovereignty
  • who my preferred gold/silver dealer is
  • where you can take your currencies now and start earning 4-5% APR on your balance with no restrictions on your use of the deposit. Take money in and out all you want. No limits, no holds, no penalties to withdrawls, and transactions fees are a fraction of a penny on the dollar.

And of course, with the extended Q&A, you’ll have an opportunity to get specific questions answered.

So, I’ll see you on the call on Wednesday. If you’d like to join in more conversation or have questions, feel free to check out the new comment system I have for us to enhance this budding community.

Stronger Communities,
Stronger Nation.

We’ll chat soon.

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