When are you going to say, “Enough is enough!”?

Picture of man known as paul
man known as paul

I don’t care what you think about climate change.

I don’t care what you think about Black Lives Matter.

Or abortion.

Here’s what else I don’t care what anyone else thinks about:

  • Russia/the Ukraine,
  • Women’s rights,
  • Trump vs Biden, or Trudeau vs Poilievre
  • Who should be taxed and how hard
  • LGBTQ+ rights
  • the jab

Why don’t I care?


a) all these points of division are symptoms of far worse problems that the reasoning have been trying to help you avoid for about 30 centuries.

b) Some evils are so bad, trivial issues such as those are actually spoon-fed to the public to distract them.

So today,

I’m going to point a shining light on why all this bad stuff is even happening at all.

In short, there are people today who think they shouldn’t be self-responsible in delivering themselves the life they deem as ‘happy’. Instead, they think someone else should do it for them.

Lots of people will think I’m talking about communists or the extreme left, but I’m not.

Because I’ve said that and I know the right-wingers all too well, they are probably defaulting to the thought that I’m some woke-ass bitch.

But I’m not.

I’m talking to all y’all.

Imagine for a moment: the frustration of watching someone you love have their health deteriorate, but instead of taking some self-responsibility, they eat nothing but junk food and recline on the couch binge-watching netflix day and night.

Or imagine watching a sister or brother subject themselves to a toxic relationship. You can see the path they can easily take to free themselves from the abuse, neglect, gaslighting, etc… You can even tell them, “You need to leave him/her”. Yet day in, day out, they make justifications for the abuser.

The next time they look to commiserate with you, you shake your head and endlessly wonder why they just keep going back for more.

Today, I’m telling you with some tough love,

The relationship you have with your government is incredibly unhealthy, and it’s time you stop binge-watching Red Voice Media, Dr. Malone, and 2-4 hour commentaries about all the ways the abuser abuses the abused.

Take back even the smallest degree of self-responsibility over your life, gather with your communities and figure out how to kick the abuser to the curb.

And I’m going to show you how.

Just remember going forward… The abuser isn’t the politician. It’s the parliament. And they swore allegiance to the crown. So… for starters, just know that you’re never going to get someone to represent you if their oath of allegiance is to the same person that needs their image on what they legislated as ‘legal tender’.

(ooohhh you're in for quite a ride in this post).

I used to be like you. I used to think that it’s a good idea to appoint someone to hold an arbitrary position in society with the purpose of delivering my idea of an easier ‘pursuit of happiness’.

We were taught this poison in school. It just sounded a lot different. It was more like, “In Canada, we have a democracy where people are elected to represent you and your needs to the government so they can create provincial, national, and international policies that support all of us together.”

Why does this sound like sweet music in the ears of the masses, but nails on chalkboard to those who are actually awake to this elaborate fraud?

The masses love this because it’s hella easier to blame someone else for their problems. It’s even fun! We can troll the politician’s social media accounts, with hardly a hope that they’ll see it, but as a consolation prize, we can find it cathartic to prod their loyals and make them look like idiots.

That’s way more fun than taking full self-responsibility over your own pursuit of happiness.

Aside from that, why isn’t democracy a good idea?

While it’s fun to speculate on the motives behind monetarily incentivizing a politician to make an individual’s pursuit of happiness more enjoyable… (crony capitalists) Let me ask you:

Q: What kind of people in your community are most likely to go to the highest lengths to ensure their name is on the ballot?

A: People who like to exercise authority over others, especially under the guise of being a ‘public servant’.

But there are two kickers:

  1. In ‘democracy’ as it exists today, the money they claim to use on your behalf to deliver an easier pursuit of happiness for you comes from none other than the vast majority of people who not only disagree with your choice, they don’t like how their pursuit has been negatively affected.
  2. The exercise of authority without consent is a crime. <– [link to Criminal Code]

Now, obviously, one can’t go around exercising authority over someone else!

Yet – in order for happiness to be pursued in ways you feel will be easier, you partake in a political system that exists solely on the premise that someone else’s pursuit could be interrupted, complicated, restricted, or even cancelled against their will.

You can’t violate section 265 of the Criminal Code.

But you can elect someone to commit the crime on your behalf, all in the name of having someone represent you and assist in making your precious pursuit of happiness be heard in parliament.

I know, I know… you’re thinking,

"I'm not like that!!"

Sure, ok. Maybe not. But the system is certainly set up to support people like that.

Are you beginning to see what this looks like to the reasoning?

There is nothing good about such a system.

This is why I couldn’t bring myself to care a rat’s ass about what latest distraction is on the bitchutes, Western Standards, odysees, youtubes, Rebel News’, and tiktoks to which most people have chosen to apply laser-like focus.

The problem is not that evil exists in this world. The problem is not that Kenney, Ford, or Trudeau, Biden, or Trump got elected.

The problem is the victims of evil allowed, nay… endorsed positions in their communities and societies to have the capability, permission, and even immunity to conduct evil.

If that wasn’t enough – there are people who will read this and counter (in so many words), “Yeah, but this is the way it is because this is what the people wanted! Democracy!”

Ahhh yes… Democracy. “The rule of the people.”

More like Dumbocracy.

Don’t agree?

I present Exhibit A.

“Use barriers, like walls (e.g., glory holes), that allow for sexual contact but prevent close face-to-face contact,”

British Columbia Center for Disease Control, July 2020

When are you going to say “Enough is enough”?

As demonstrated throughout history, once someone who desires authority over someone else gains their coveted position, they always capitalize on the opportunity. The more modern the era, the more sophisticated they need to be with their CAPITALIZATION. (more on that in another post)

Of course, they cannot just tell you you must follow their orders. That wouldn’t go over well. You hired them. They serve you. You’d fire them on the spot if they even remotely entertained the concept of being your master. 

They know this… Instead, they do the only thing that could potentially work in getting your consent to be governed.

Make offers.

“We’re going to build you a beautiful park!”
“Vote for us and the veterans will receive better care.”
“Let us protect you from terrorists!”
“We will stop climate change!”
“Project Warp Speed”

Of course, all those things require money. So, the implied terms of the offer is pretty simple to figure out:

“We will require some of your property and earnings to make it happen.”

And the people, still enamoured by how much their pursuit of happiness will be made easy, vote to have their fellow man and woman be taxed. How are taxes paid?

With the only thing the elected legislated as ‘legal tender’.
(I assure you; it doesn’t just look like a setup. It is.)

But that’s not all the people tolerate.

Eventually, the amount of legal tender surrendered isn’t enough to take care of some of the smaller details, so the offers sound more like,

“The capitalists are exploiting your labour! Once you elect us, we’ll be able to ensure they are taxed harder so we can provide you with these amazing social programs.”

Then, the slaves – sorry – people who want to provide a higher standard of living find themselves needing to make more of the legal tender, because they didn’t make as much as they did last year.

Next, because it’s still not enough, this ‘crown corporation’ ends up needing to borrow money. ‘The bank’ creates more legal tender, knowing precisely how the loan will be paid off.

Yes. Off the backs of the workers, no matter how much of the legal tender they may make. The more value you produce, the more of the legal tender you must pay. Unless of course, you assist the slave-masters – sorry – ‘members of parliament’ in maintaining their positions.

TONS of kickbacks in that business.

What everyone insists on forgetting is that when those loans are created, it sends an influx of legal tender into the economy. This always makes the total amount of tender in the economy greater than the value of the economy, which means… the purchasing power of the tender is eroded.

The $100 in your bank purchases less today than it did before the loan was magically brought into existence.

Is this finally enough for you to make the claim “Enough is enough!”?

The answer is no.

Let’s look at this another way:

  • These ‘people’ are administrators of a ‘legal tender’ that is the used to pay us our earnings by corporations they have permitted to be ‘registered’.
  • Then, they use another registered corporation to send us a bill for being allowed to earn it from the first corporation.

The voluntary slaves could very well choose to end this deal and send these sophisticated slave-masters to the free market – something they consider the fiery depths of hell; where they are ‘forced’ to ADD to the well-being of their communities in order to afford their food and shelter.

Don’t worry, though… in true democratic fashion, yet another candidate will entice you with another offer!

“We will enforce the confiscation of LESS property and earnings than the other candidates, so you can keep more of your legal tender!”

Disgusting, right?

It’s all on purpose. They know that if they can treat people like cattle long enough, they will behave like cattle, shuffling their feet into voting booths.

Again… why?

The masses are so confident that if enough checkmarks get placed next to their favourite slave-master’s name on the ballot, things will be better..

If they’re not voting (a large portion of people don’t), they’ll chew on their candy bars and potato chips, flipping the channels and googling the phrases needed to find out from their preferred source on who ‘won’ the election. Because somehow, that will determine how much legal tender they’ll be able to keep – or how much harder they’ll need to work to accumulate enough for their pursuit of happiness to be happier.

Meanwhile, the slaves are bickering over the silliest of distractions while the slaveowners are simply tweaking heartstrings and triggers to optimize the exploitation of our lives.

It’s not because they want the legal tender.

No… it’s because it’s terrifying for them to think what would happen if just one of the slaves realize the keys to all the shackles are in each and everyone’s pockets.

All the power they acquired by the consent of the governed would be suddenly vaporized. They can’t have that.

So they get the slaves to fight about whether or not mRNA technology is good or bad.

Had enough yet?

Evidently not. 

The sophistication of slavery has evolved to such a point that slaves are now fighting over which of them is most deserving to ‘represent’ them to the head slave master that they may make rules on how other slaves may or may not behave.

We hear “Oh my! This can’t be how it is! Let’s get someone BETTER to represent us to the slave masters in parliament!

Oh! AND Let’s make sure we don’t vote for anyone that would ‘split the vote’ and the bad-guys win!!”

With this spiralling devolution, the slave masters become experts at dangling more of what they exclusively define as legal tender in front of the people like a carrot.

In fact, the slave masters get so gifted at exploiting the slaves, they conspire with other candidate slave masters and bring a sophisticated offer to the slave-owners… the creators of the legal tender.

“We will form an alliance. With this alliance, we will get the slaves to surrender the last of their property and consequently all their rights. We’ll simply make it palatable to them by establishing entire departments called “Human Resources”… because that’s what they are. A resource that we can now exploit with no consequence.
“Don’t worry! They’ll comply! We have them trained to need your property – what we’ve endowed as legal tender so badly, we have their unwavering compliance in virtually every area of their lives, because they surrendered governance of these aspects to us.
“Yes! They used to want to govern everything!
  • education
  • commerce
  • farming
  • healthcare
  • even the justice system

But now they’ve given all that governance to us. We have it all under our control, with them all thinking we’re the best ones for the job.

The only thing left to get them to surrender their bodies.”

How about now? Surely, that must be enough for you to say ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’.

But it isn’t.

While everyone is paying attention to:

  • the mandates and whether or not they should be lifted
  • the lack of water in certain communities
  • Rebel News’ coverage of male(?) pervert teachers wearing boob-suits to school
  • whether or not masks and vaccines work
  • which race is killed more per capita
  • the fight about intentions of the leaders of the freedumb convoy

The slave owners have successfully obtained the people’s consent to have a world-leader implement Executive Order 14081 AND let him show up for work the next day.

And don’t think Canada isn’t a part of that. There’s no possible way it can even take a sovereign stance on the matter. (more on that in another post)

What happens next isn’t difficult to predict.

Unless of course, some more slaves realize there’s a key in their pocket.

Twenty-four years ago yesterday, I was eighteen. I already said “Enough was Enough” after only having seen that there was nothing representative about our government in the slightest. That’s all it took for me to know, this nation was headed for disaster.

I learned quickly that this view was not popular. I committed many hours of my life, mostly in secret (to avoid the endless reprimands of my peers, friends, and family), learning about freedom.

Everything I’ve seen happen since has caused me excruciating pain… not because of the poverty, the tenacious inflation, or the family I lost as a part of this journey.

It’s not even the fact that I’ve seen people profit off the patriot’s eagerness to donate for ‘freedom’.

No… My pain is in watching my fellow man and woman, approach the porch of the slave-owners house and petition the slave-masters to loosen their chains.

This website and supporting platforms I use to communicate with those who contribute LAWFUL TENDER is (among many things) the culmination of my professional life, experiences, and a place where we can discuss everything I’ve learned about freedom.

Want to take part?

All I ask is you make a declaration. Not to me, not to your MP, nor even to your neighbour.

Make it to yourself. It’s a gift. You’re worth it.

Here’s what my declaration looks like:

i, man known as paul, commit my life to learning whatever i can about freedom and teach others what i learn along the way.

My declaration is not made to me only, but to the slave owners as well.

If you’re a slave-master (politician), you’re on notice. If you care about people in the slightest, you’ll be excited to message me and find out how you can help the free public build their own nation.

If you don’t like what I had to say about your profession in parliament, it can only be for one reason:

You’re with the enemy of the free public.

Being enemy of the state is a walk in the park compared to what’s in store for you.

To the rest of you… the people of the free public: I am incredibly proud to announce some great news.

We’re winning. Big time.

How do I know?

You’ve read this to the end.

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Lynette Kellock
Lynette Kellock
1 year ago

Definitely wsnt to learn more about freeing my life.

lorene B
lorene B
1 year ago

for those of us who are already aware of everything you have said, who have been aware for years, who have studied and tried many avenues toward being sovereign, we need SPECIFIC DETAILS of anyone who has been successful. i.e.
alloidal – who has done it, how
untrackable phones -names, cost, how to replace cell company sim cards
no taxes – trusts, PMO’s: the who, how of sucesses, not ideas
secure community servers – same, how, who has done ?
community banking – examples – links to the one community in Portugal and 2 in Turkey?

If there are many awake people working on this, are they not willing to penly share the info?

Reply to  lorene B
1 year ago

I looked into allodial titles and it seems pretty impossible to find land ownership that goes back to homestead owners. It seems it’s all ‘crown’ owned since or treaty land.

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