The Axiom

A consciousness has sovereign authority over its body.

You own you.

This is undeniably true. Self-evident.

How do we know?

Because if you say, “My consciousness does not have sole authority over my body,”

It’s an impossibility.

In the very act of authoring such a declaration, you violate it.

It’s kind of silly when you think about it.

Many of us have said our societal and political opponents have cognitive dissonance. We’ve even said they have a mental illness. And it’s true.

But the moment we think we are not self-governing, we are guilty of the same.

“A consciousness has sovereign authority over its physical experience” is not an opinion.

It’s not even an ‘idea’.

It’s truth.

As such, the free public call it “The Axiom”.

In yesteryears, we, the people have referred to certain truths as self-evident, but the reason they’re self-evident is because of The Axiom.

Here are a few examples of why this is the case:

  • Freedom of Expression: Your consciousness has sovereign authority to express itself at will.
  • Freedom of Association: Your consciousness has sovereign authority over the relationships you choose.
  • Freedom of Property: Anything you choose to do with your physical body during the finite time it has to live is a result of your consciousness’ authority. Therefore, you have sovereignty over your time. What you create with your time is your property.

Each of these freedoms support the rights to free and informed consent, to remain silent, free speech, only identifying a few.

The Axiom makes all unalienable rights possible.

To the degree a nation loses integrity with The Axiom, would-be rulers oppress the people and will even mercilessly demand compliance.

When the the enforcement of compliance requires too much labour, they sow division amongst the communities because they know when subjected to enough strife, people will write petitions and demand someone exercise some more authority over their neighbours.

Only an enemy would see us conquered. Therefore, any who incite division is an enemy of a free public.

Bear in mind, the greatest integrity is lost when it is something the people begin to tolerate.

The free public are self-determinate for we author our determinations.

We govern our education models, we govern our banking systems, we govern our vocations, speech, and the administration to make it all possible.

By fragmenting us, it was just a natural progression to tear asunder the tapestry of our cultures with social distancing.

To the degree a nation maintains integrity with The Axiom, it is peaceful and prosperous.

The purpose of this website is to show people the mindset required to live in integrity with The Axiom