Give your governments the honour they deserve.

Imagine a bicycle wheel with weakened spokes. It’s only a short matter of time before a spoke gives out and the wheel falls apart. To prevent it from happening again, it’s important to ask: when did the wheel actually lose integrity? It was when the first compromised spoke was installed.  Our nation is the same […]

How to Hold Politicians Accountable

[massive Emergency Act Inquiry Update] Lots of talk these days about the famous “Emergency Act Inquiry”. The majority of the conversation has made it sound like there is good coming from the proceedings. Please don’t be fooled. They represent us. Let me explain. While we are taught that this means they speak on our behalf, […]

Schwab-Proof Your Identity

Time for a snapshot. In partnership with the globalists, this is what Google, Meta, Apple, Samsung, etc… are recording about you: – how much you spent on groceries last week. – where you travel– how much you spend on alcohol– who you invite over for supper– how much money you have– what your ex says about you– the online […]

Building a Nation

People have been accustomed to a system of governance that doesn’t allow for them to have full expression of their unalienable rights. This presentation will show model that a free public can use to ensure that tyranny has no grip on their communities.

Fork in the Road

“How to end the insanity and corruption in our governments” part one Life is messy. In pursuit of keeping things tidy, I spent years in seminars, counselling, workshops, (one of them was called Millionaire Mind Intensive), therapies, energy psychology, NLP, meditation, ceremonies, even the law of attraction. Much of it was helpful in their own […]