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man known as paul
Short and sweet post today

As you can imagine, when involving a whole nation of people, there are several different interests expressed, some of them even polar opposites (for example, spirituality vs economics)

I’d say they’re connected, but that’s another talk for another time.

The point is, some of these posts might not be that interesting to you and I’d rather have you get to the information you need right away.

So, leave a comment under this post and tell me what interests and values you hold in this transformational time.

I’ll be sure to categorize the content so it’s easier for visitors to find.

Here are a few topics that might jog your mind toward your own interests:

– gold/silver (preservation of your earnings/savings)
– how we can have more self-governance
– business/investment opportunities
– growing your own business
– food and energy supply
– financial sovereignty
– finding community
– freedom mindset
– good news

What’s a hot topic to you, and what kind of content would you like me to deliver on that topic?

Whatever interests you have that would help you in the coming years, I want to make sure I’m providing resources and references to the solutions that support your goals.

Remember, fear is the ultimate weapon. There is very little need to be afraid.

The likelihood of there being a simple solution for your deepest concerns is very high.

I like to say – “The key to your freedom is in your pocket.”

Once you know see how that works, you recognize that the pursuit of freedom is a form of slavery, and fear dissipates. 

Anyways. I said it’d be short, and I meant it. We’ll chat soon.

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1 year ago

Finding community and financial sovereignty are 2 topics I am most interested in

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