Give your governments the honour they deserve.

Picture of man known as paul
man known as paul

Imagine a bicycle wheel with weakened spokes. It’s only a short matter of time before a spoke gives out and the wheel falls apart.

To prevent it from happening again, it’s important to ask: when did the wheel actually lose integrity?

It was when the first compromised spoke was installed. 

Our nation is the same way. It doesn’t matter what intention the creators had when composing the Constitution. It doesn’t matter how many rights are claimed to be secured by the Charters, Bills, Acts, or any of the thousands of pages of ‘laws’ conjured over several decades.

It doesn’t even matter who assumes the position of ‘prime minister’… this nation never had integrity.

How do we know this?

Because this nation, like a wheel with weak spokes, is now falling apart.

Is it really all that bad?

Remember: After all our forefathers went through to fight for freedom in various wars, they came home and said, “This is a good country that will keep my family safe from harm, where they may prosper and have an abundant life.” 

Today, there are people with every political ideology questioning if the sacrifices of our veterans were in vain. It was heard by one of our neighbours in mid-2020, “My father is rolling in his grave”.

If one recognizes the simple paradigm that there is no one on the planet that has any right of authority to tell someone else how they can or cannot spend or save their money, which plants they are or are not allowed to consume on their own free will and for what, or what they are or are not permitted do with their bodies, it is incredibly simple for them to ALSO recognize that when someone exercises this form of governance over someone else, it’s not right. In fact, we know it’s immoral.

It’s not difficult to comprehend that.

But for some reason, the vast majority of people evade this basic morality every moment they believe that there IS a collective or ‘democracy’ that can come to a public consensus on who shall possess the right to authority over their neighbour.

So, even from a fundamentally moral perspective…

Yes. It is that bad.

But today, let’s identify how this happened and how we can stand on guard against it for the future.

What is Evil?

I’ve done a fair bit of public speaking in my life. As an experiment, I’ve asked people a simple question.

“By a raise of hands, who here believes someone else has rightful authority to tell you how you can or cannot spend or save your money?”

Of course, no hands are raised.

I’ll ask it from different angles as well; “who amongst you has authority over someone else’s body?” “Is there anyone who should be allowed to dictate what foods you can or cannot eat?”

The answers are always the same, no matter what political views may be in the room.

We all inherently know: by virtue of the nature of consciousness, our bodies are subject to its authority.

Yet, this principle is widely forgotten day to day. Even our closest friends and relatives who call themselves ‘freedom fighters’ would send a barrage of petitions, political party membership forms and forwarded texts of sentiment like ‘If you want to save our country, you’ll sign it.’

By the way, the origin of the word ‘petition’ is from mid-14c., petiocioun meaning: ‘a supplication or prayer, especially to a deity.’

We can assure you, no matter how many well-intentioned people go to rallies and raise their hands worshipping their god, the state (by way of their favourite politician), it is impossible for us to recognize them as having anything that closely resembles the authority of a deity! No one has any right to authority over someone else. We, the Reasoning, will never feel inclined to pray to them for freedom.

They are public servants. They serve us. One does not send servants supplications or prayers! You make demands, and to the degree they meet your demands, you tolerate contributing to their paychecks.

They chose the lesser status. If they don’t want to serve you, they may resign from their esteemed position of serving you and you can find someone else.

You’re the master.

Maybe you have respect for people like Trump, Macron, Biden, Trudeau, Putin, or perhaps you cheer for their most fierce opponents. Perhaps you retain the hope that there is still good amongst politicians! Know this: they abandon integrity when they claim “We want you to be free!” and proceed to make conditions on this freedom like voting a certain way, needing the police on our side or that we need a referendum. The worst mind virus we’ve heard this year is the notion that “The Queen gave us laws that free us”.

Think about it! If our freedom is dependent on a specific someone occupying some particular chair in some khaki-coloured building in a town someone once claimed was ‘the capital’ then we are not free.

If you need someone to scratch out squiggly lines on pieces of paper declaring we are free – in order for us to be free – we are even further from free.

That alone would be absurd, but here’s how it works in our ‘country’. To be free, we need a certain number of people, not even the majority of them – to collectively come to a consensus on that specific someone (again, presumably morally superior) that needs to scratch squiggly lines on a piece of paper on some desk in front of some chair in some khaki-coloured building in some town someone once said was the capital of some land someone supposedly really important once said was theirs.

The point is, if there is even one man-made hoop a people must jump through to have freedom, that’s not freedom.

It’s more like slavery with extra steps.

The moment society devolves to such a paradigm, where freedom is accepted by the people as having conditions, tyranny has all the foundation it needs to expand.

So, regarding these people you may respect in Government, only one of two things are possible: 

  • Either these ‘politicians’ know they’re misleading you, or
  • They don’t, seeking candidacy with complete ignorance to the consequences of their actions.

Either way, they’re dangerous. More importantly, they both possess the same qualifications to govern another life that an ant has to build a starship. They are utterly unfit for public service, and pretending to be such classifies them as amongst the most degenerate, dysfunctional, and historically – the most destructive people on the planet.

That’s right. Relative to ‘the free public’,  political party leaders strive to be the most liked amongst the most immoral.

That’s why the term ‘lesser of two evils’ is so familiar to us. They’re all evil. They all want to violate The Axiom.

Now be mindful – we are not utopians. We are not delusional pipe-dreamers. Evil would not magically disappear in a society where government power is non-existent! The masterful thieves and con artists will still roam the planet, seeking yet another inhabitant to convince what defines the ‘fair share’ they must surrender in order to have a ‘civilized’ society.

All we’re asking is that society cease to offer a position capable of even the tiniest amount of power over others, because evil will invariably take those positions and erode our freedoms.

You’ll hear me talk about “The Axiom” a lot. The self-evident truth. Our consciousness is the sole author of our physicality.

It’s what makes all other unalienable rights law. Please – start applying The Axiom in your daily lives and ensure the politicians receive the clearest communication that they are the mortal enemy of the free public.

Why so ‘extreme’?

Are things really that bad?

If that was the majority’s reply, the prospects would not be good.

But besides that, be honest with yourself:  Is that what you say when someone tells you they have cancer?

They might have a 10 year battle ahead of them – or maybe it’s a quick and easy 6 weeks.

Are you so certain that’s the appropriate response?

In reality, though – the answer isn’t even important! An encroachment on even the smallest degree of

You see, cancers can only grow where an environment supports their growth. And the first environment tyrants commit every crime known to man to create, is one where you grant consent to be governed. That’s their ‘in’.

Then, the longer the position is occupied by people who’ve gained your consent to show up for work every day in parliament, the more power they accumulate. 

They start off by ‘selling’ you on how they will ‘take care’ of you. They’ll make it sound really good, too – we’ve all seen their campaigns! The promises are just as abundant as there are expressed needs and wants among their ‘subscribers’.

If they gain a position that is granted any power, it escalates. They inch forward, taking more ‘responsibility’ over your lives.

Once they are ‘taking care’ of a certain amount of our lives, getting ‘consent of the governed’ {contradiction of terms} becomes easier. Even if they don’t get your free and informed consent, they know they can easily recruit your neighbours into being their little cultural revolutionists, claiming that you’re racist, misogynist, anti-science, killing grandma, and therefore the Axiom shouldn’t apply to you until you fall in line.

If you insist on non-compliance, they will follow through with their threats of force because… well – they successfully convinced enough of their economic slaves (sometimes even with cash payouts) to remain supportive.

Of course, the only thing they can accumulate is power, because the authority simply doesn’t exist. This is precisely why they feel like we shouldn’t have guns. They will restrict anything that could potentially give the very people they wish to govern the power to resist their illegitimate authority.

Of course, people tell me in so many words, “if you don’t like their governance, [brand experience], you just go vote someone else who will represent you”.

But do you think any of them go back and reverse any of the immoral powers exercised by their predecessors? Of course not!

Extreme, they call me.

You know what’s more extreme than this paradigm? Thinking there just might be someone on this planet that has the moral right to tell someone else how they can or cannot live their life. That’s INSANE.

That’s when the cancer starts.

Now, for the next level of paradigm shift:

Remember when the wheel fell apart? When did your nations fall apart? When people insisted that government be used repeatedly without ever inquiring why it wasn’t working very well.

The people insisted they hold positions of authority over others. Year after year. Edict after arbitrary edict. sElection upon sElection. These ‘leaders’ were told to take responsibility over a plethora of aspects of our lives. They were told to represent us. They were given responsibility over our healthcare. The people accepted subsidies to agriculture. They governed our schools. They were given a budget and were permitted to disregard it and any fiscal responsibility. If that wasn’t enough, they ‘fixed’ it through borrowing enough fiat to economically enslave our great grand children. Meanwhile, cleverly disguised as ‘healthy’, inflation was robbing you the entire time, eroding the purchasing power of your means of exchange.

The most deadly disease our communities could face is illegitimate authority. And it has been successfully maintained by the people who were fooled into getting infected.

So; back to the matter at hand.

“Give your governments the honour they deserve”

I could never get why they were called ‘honourable’. I’ve never witnessed any of their actions to be honourable. Even ‘good’ they do for one requires first they violate The Axiom with another. In fact, the only reason they can hold the positions they hold is if The Axiom is disregarded.

Since they have disregarded a self-evident truth – The Axiom – and then further disregard in the very attempt to ‘make it better’, it is only appropriate that the people show the politicians the honour they deserve:

Complete disregard.

Take back your governance. Disregard the government.

I’m not saying you can’t have government. Go for it. Knock yourself out. Have all the government you want. But the moment anyone in that government is permitted to exercise authority over someone else, an unalienable right has been violated and they ought to be charged in accordance with the harm committed.

The moment any government has a position that is exempt from the immorality of exercising authority over another, the wheel – sorry! – the nation no longer has integrity.

How does one govern if the government cannot exercise authority?


It’s the greatest freedom.

How does a nation of millions of people – all with various upbringings, cultures, vocations, and ideologies self-govern?

Form communities where the people share the same values and work towards seeing those values upheld.

Start with your congress, establish guilds for your industries and businesses, and establish consensus on how you choose to exercise self-governance.

If the politicians actually care about you and your rights, they will teach you the same things. If they insist that in order for you to have freedom, you must elect them, they are your enemy. They’re just trying to weasel their way into your life because they’re addicted to violating The Axiom and will stop at nothing to find a victim.

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donna mccallum
donna mccallum
1 year ago

very well written and thought out. I have always wondered why people want more and more government control rather than have open markets of competition and not allow greed to create monopolies. People need more education to be able to debate and reason where they are able to see beyond what is being offered(manipulation) to see a reality of a future of control by entities who do not have your best interests in mind. People are wanting more and more to not have to think, or reason or work and find that being taken care of is somehow rewarding. Minds have been captured by mindlessness. There needs to be a mind shift.

We need Communities of liked minded individuals who can stand together as a force of reason, committed to the good will of all and not just individuals. The good Lord created us to have dominion over the fish and animals and plants to our benefit but with the goal that we as his creation see the schemes of the enemy for what he represents and stand together for the glory of God.

Question…With the way current government has gotten a foothold and the fact that the judiciary is also captured and no longer there for the people how do you start factories and purchase land if they are able to come and take the land from you at any time? There are cases within the courts of government land grabs that have been ongoing for years and it seems they are waiting for the lady(90+) to die. You can’t pay your property tax and the land is gone. Or they jail you for some unknown reason and as a farmer you can’t work your land likes the 3 farmers who are in jail from the convoy. Or they take your children and your focus is on that rather than industry or business. That is a hurdle i can’t wrap my head around.

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