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man known as paul

Time for a snapshot.

In partnership with the globalists, this is what Google, Meta, Apple, Samsung, etc… are recording about you:

– how much you spent on groceries last week. 
– where you travel
– how much you spend on alcohol
– who you invite over for supper
– how much money you have
– what your ex says about you
– the online courses you take
– your favourite spots to speed and in which car or truck you drive

Anything you do that has a digital footprint; they have it on a ledger.

Our governments have fully jumped on board… saying these are the ‘parameters’ they wish to use to define who you are. What you ‘do’ is your identity.

Oh, but don’t worry!

You can opt out of this!

You just won’t be able to purchase anything outside your home, and you’ll likely need someone who’s a part of the matrix to sign up for your heating and electricity (that is if your address is allowed to have it).

– Forget about going to the movies.
– You can say goodbye to your favourite restaurants.
Don’t even ask to get on an airplane. The answer’s no.

Please remember… it’s ‘your choice’. You don’t have to get it. It’s just you won’t be able to interact with the global community that does. You’ll be ID-less. An outcast from society.

Now you might see why I never got deeply involved in discussions about mRNA, spike proteins, safety and efficacy, blah blah blah. People were right when they said, “This was never about the virus”

But most of those people didn’t take it far enough.

This was never about the adverse effects. This wasn’t about whether or not everyone got the #clotshot. This wasn’t about whether or not medical law was observed. This wasn’t about which doctors were silenced or who needed to pay for the crimes.

All that nonsense was allowed to happen so a bunch of crony capitalists could get their cut as compensation for helping the globalists secure their one-world-government.

They were simply distractions.

Effective little diversions so they could program us for what’s next: The Central Bank of Digital Currencies and the Social Credit Score.

This sounds ominous… but I have very good news as well.

For as long as the globalist overlords have been orchestrating this whole operation, there have been people working behind the scenes on a solution.

In fact, for the past 45 days or so, I’ve been in conversation with a group of independent developers who’ve been preparing for this moment in history, some of them for over 15 years. Together, they’ve refined a unique technology.

(You might have heard me mention it before)

Self Sovereign Decentralized Digital ID

This morning, I received permission from these developers to use their technology to bring forward a digital ID system for the free public.

What does this mean?

There is a HUGE opportunity for we, the people to usher in a whole new world of possibilities.

– you create your own identity. No one can ‘define’ what identifies you, but you. (You Own You, remember?)
– the ‘identifiers’ you select can be revealed only by your explicit consent
– the security of your identity has more protocols of encryption than any bank would DARE provide their customers.

Now heads up: this small team of developers (based mostly in Europe) are not trying to abolish the traditional ID systems of government. They simply recognize that the people of this land might want something like this and they’re offering their innovation as a solution.

Cost to the public?

Less than $20CAD per ID registration, if the amount of information is the same as what’s on our current ‘government issued IDs’. (which aren’t even yours, please remember. “Property of Government of Canada” [on your passport])

This is a fraction of the price,


Note and friendly reminder about this system:
– no one can ‘see’ your ID
– no one can ‘change’ your ID
– no one could possibly disclose your ID
– even if it was ‘hacked’, the system is so encrypted, no one would even know whose ID is whose.


You Own You

This is so secure, that even if the psychopathic narcissists were to use their favourite tactic: dispatch the uniformed terrorists (more psychopaths) to initiate violence upon a peaceful people to obtain the records…

It’d be no good. The tyrants couldn’t possibly decipher anything from the datasets. Everyone’s identities are completely ghosted.

The government, the policy officers, and the entire military combined would never even be able to destroy it. It’s decentralized.

But in order to ‘apply’ their technology, we need to ‘house’ it.

That’s why I’ve been working on a platform that would allow people to ‘register’ themselves.

So, this post is actually asking for contributions.

You might recall – for about 3 years, I’ve been saying that we need to stop using the Canadian Dollar. We’re at the point now in this orchestrated economic collapse where NOTHING that touches the fraudulent monetary system will EVER increase in value.

So, if you’ve been feeling any concern about the Canadian Dollars you currently have and would like to exchange your savings/earnings for something that WILL increase in value (our communities)book an appointment to chat with me. We’ll go over all the details together.

::(preview on a couple details):: there are contracts already being made for this technology to become the property of the people. The only way we can secure anything of our lives is if we govern it.

There will be healthy profit, but the cashflow will likely end by the end of 2023, once the entire system is ‘paid off’ by the public.

Imagine; able to have full self-governance over who you are. You own you. Anything you create is yours. You create your Identity; it cannot be claimed by any other as theirs.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this. I’m incredibly excited to see where this opportunity leads the free public.

This is playing a part in how we, the people rise up as a sovereign nation.

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