Seven Solutions to Schwab-proofing a Nation.

Picture of man known as paul
man known as paul
The tide has turned.
As much as tyranny destroys nations, communities rebuild them.
And communities are rebuilding.

Solutions to tyranny are being implemented and the opportunities to convert our devaluing dollars into something that increases in value are becoming more abundant.

And imminent.

We’re noticing the convergence of multiple trends that a lot of people are overlooking.

And whenever that happens, small amounts of capital invested in communities can be multiplied swiftly.

You see, more and more people are ‘waking up’ to the corruption, lies, and tyranny that is crippling our economy, infected our media and entertainment, and lay waste to our healthcare systems – and how our nation risks being conquered.

People know we need alternatives.
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If you’d like to read on… Check out these trends:


The media is so wrought with corruption, even their most loyal followers are starting to walk away from their nonsense. A mass exodus is occuring and the people need a platform that delivers answers quickly. There are profound opportunities to provide a platform that allows communities to incentivize integrity in media.


Teachers have been instructed that if a student expresses a desire to change their gender and request hormone therapy, it’s illegal to inform a mother, father, or guardian and they are encouraged to assist the student in obtaining their treatment.

The mothers and fathers are finding out fast. They want solutions. Now.


Oil refiners haven’t been profitable since mid-2019. With inflation now on the cusp of going vertical, they are between a rock and a hard place:

  • The consumers can’t afford a price increase.
  • The producers can’t afford to lower their prices.

This presents two major opportunities:

We, the people can negotiate a new deal with producers and refiners alike. We have a powerful bargaining chip to make it happen… and with ease.

We cannot expect the government to do this though; they have a conflict of interest with the Crown, so they’d be charged with treason if they helped the people have direct democracy in ANY aspect of their governance, let alone the primary source of our energy, heat, and transportation.

Supply chains:

The ‘everything bubble’ is about to pop. And it’s a race between the government choking us out with more economic slavery and the collapse of the dollar.

It’s hard to tell which is winning.

But we have an ace up our sleeve.

In fact, if affirmative action were to be taken within the next 3 months, every community can save their economy before the end of the fall next year. They might not know how to accomplish this, but we have multigenerational legends of agriculture, manufacturing, and technologists who know the history of their art so well, they forsaw this crisis and have been preparing to cushion us from this catastrophe for almost 100 years.

They’re ready to help rescue our economy with innovations in clothing, bio-fuels, construction materials, electronics, office supplies, alcohol, medicine, and more

And they’re excited to meet all of you.


I knew elections were a charade as I watched Bush ‘beat’ Gore in 2000. The debate is finally getting hot, but it’s absolutely hilarious to watch the controversy about election integrity when there isn’t a single politician actually providing any solutions that have integrity.

They just bicker about the one that clearly doesn’t have integrity.

You know what’s really crazy?

For less than $5,000, every community could have their own voting system that is impossible to rig. Not only that, it allows communities to vote on EVERY transaction that involves public funds, with the immeasurable benefit of perfect transparency and integrity of private data.

Let the antiquated governments debate to their heart’s content. Let’s build an election system for the free public.

Politicians couldn’t possibly take this route.

They’d face treason against the crown for doing something that benefitted the people this much.

But the people can do this. In their communities. On their own. Both legally and lawfully. Without permission from arbitrary overlords.

Food Supply:

Agriculture is being revolutionized, yes… but now it’s worth mentioning Permaculture.

Farms can be more abundant and produce more nutritious food when the land is treated as it was created: a perfectly balanced ecosystem. Pigs, Cows, Chickens, all grazing on the same fields, which end up with all the nutrients that enrich a harvest for feed for the winter.

Some of these farms can be as small as a quarter section, easily feeding 150-200 people all year ’round without even needing a tractor.

Health and fitness:

The only people who trust healthcare to heal them are people who don’t take care of their health. The only people who work in healthcare only focus on treating sickness.

The free public are learning how to heal themselves with the plant medicines that are abundant in our own back yards – the forests.

  • Willowbark out performs aspirin
  • Pine pollen increases testosterone and libido.
  • Horsetail is high in silica, which boosts the health of your hair, skin, and nails.
  • Polypore mushrooms that reduce inflammation, stress, and are high in vitamin B12.
  • and my wife Taya ( knows how to turn these raw ingredients into consumable tinctures, salves, and teas

For fitnessconsultants that know the physiology of our body’s movement have refined training practices to maximize the performance and energy output of our bodies.

This is helpful to people who may be serving our nation with defence and protection, all the way to the elderly who wish to have more physical independence at home.

These are just seven emerging trends.

I’m learning about a new trend – sometimes two every week!

The entrepreneurial ventures are so abundant, there will be no shortage of opportunity to wildly profit in a whole new monetary system that is backed by the various goods and services being traded between people within individual communities.

The very lifeblood of any economy.

Now, before we get too excited, please recognize that we’ve reached a fork in the road.

The Canadian Dollar’s coffin has been lowered into the ground and the dirt is about to fill the grave.

We all need to disconnect from the failing fiat currency.​ It’s losing value exponentially from here on out.

Let’s all invest in the only thing that will increase in value:

Our communities.

Because that’s the only way we will be able to build a strong nation.

The two sectors that are being prioritized by the wisest community advisors are:

Hemp and Communications

These two sectors unlock billions of dollars a year in economic potential, and people can realize returns starting at 4.5% APR on accounts holding $50 or more, and ranging to 200% with investments as low as $1000.

Here’s why this is being written:

Throughout these past few years, people of all walks of life have been asking me what they can do to help in healing our nation, but also what they can do to shelter themselves from the economy that’s being intentionally demolished to steal their wealth.

People just want to Shwab-proof their lives.

Maybe it’s starting a new business…

Perhaps it’s deciding where to invest – and whether the investment should be in precious metals, or in larger projects like biorefineries.

Some people want to contribute to an alternative internet that secures their data and safeguards the freedom of press.

If you’d like to learn how you can get involved, please book an appointment with me.

But if you want to share in more conversations, please connect with me on WimKin. It’s the only social media platform that I trust will not censor me, and where I can easily help communities as they get started.

One last thing.

It’s a spoiler alert:

We win.


Strong communities, strong nation.

Till next time,

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