A Daring Path to National Sovereignty.

Picture of man known as paul
man known as paul
Join the pioneers of the 4th Industrial Revolution as we take back our economy and heal our nation.

We’ve reached a crossroads.

This cultural, political, financial, industrial, and global revolution can play out one of two ways:

  1. we suffer through an economic collapse as our currency is washed out from underneath us
  2. the people declare their independence despite The Great Reset, and form a nation that reflects their values and safeguards their rights and freedoms.

Let’s bring our minds together so we can learn this faster!

Here’s what I bring to the table:

Having first found out about the Digital ID in 2008 and how it was already decades in the works, by 2015 I knew the pandemic would mark the final years of our financial system as we knew it. I have always had this kind of insight and almost prophetic perspective.

I got good at reading the markets for signs and triggers as well. In fact, I was assisting people in the purchase of precious metals weeks before May of 2019 (when the markets got their final plugs pulled)…

that’s when I knew… we were close.

So, after the virus was ‘leaked’, I rounded up all my friends and family and told them to make their next big investment into gold and silver again when the price dipped before The Great Reset’s Foreshock of February 2020.

I’ve been studying this point of history for a very long time, so I’ve ‘prepped’ myself! I’m here to tell you, economically… things are looking really good over here:

  • I have three companies
  • I lawfully retain 100% of everything I make
  • When I make a purchase somewhere, it’s completely digital and anonymous
  • I don’t even have a bank account anymore.

And the coolest thing is… I can see what’s coming next.

  • Companies are already being reformed in the new monetary system.
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are growing tenfold; that structure is the future of business.
  • Emerging markets that are exponentially expanding possibility horizons. (many of these will create generational wealth in the next 5 years)
  • Ways we, the people can cushion ourselves against the wave of hyperinflation that’s coming… (without needing to buy gold)
  • How the parallels between healing a nation and healing one’s own soul are now converging. We’re a broken, divided people, and many of us have sustained heavy losses that have turned our worlds upside-down,

Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually

And I want to show you how we won the war.

Join me for a fireside chat, both LIVE on location and online!

Attend LIVE at 6:30 on Friday, November 24.

RSVP here to get address to Live Venue

This event has passed. Please check back for other events

Secure freedom in your life... and community.

The opportunities of the 4th Industrial Revolution will expand your horizons to a whole new dimension of abundance. If you'd like to chat, ask me questions, simply schedule a call with me.

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