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“How to end the insanity and corruption in our governments”

part one

Life is messy.

In pursuit of keeping things tidy, I spent years in seminars, counselling, workshops, (one of them was called Millionaire Mind Intensive), therapies, energy psychology, NLP, meditation, ceremonies, even the law of attraction. Much of it was helpful in their own way, but none of them were conclusive. Today, I see them sharing far too many similarities with allopathic medicine:


They fight back the symptoms. Never even designed to address the cause.

Why do I say this? I spent most of my teens and all of my 20s applying these bandaids only to helplessly watch them get shredded by invisible blades from which I felt utterly powerless to avoid, no matter what ‘energy’ I invested into making a shield.

Helplessness is one of the most sinking feelings of all. I’m glad the government hadn’t legalized euthanasia yet. Long story short, I reached a level so pathetic, it finally hit me – how ridiculous I looked. I was so disgusted with myself for being addicted to putting on bandaids, I wanted the blades to take me instead.

This world has also gotten real messy. Just look around you today. Energy bills up 25X in Europe. Germany clear cutting forests. China wants to have complete dominion over 90% of the world’s electronics. Rainwater is now toxic to gardens. People are still parroting “Safe and Effective” while excess mortality has skyrocketed for every reason except the mandatory experiment. Inflation is out of control, having now finally experienced the start of a very steep curve.

I mean, it’s obvious why Trudeau made it easier for people to employ euthanasia. He wants to minimize how much blood he has on his hands.

In short, based on the escalation of messiness, we can all agree that we have been applying bandaids and we’ve reached a point of no return. It’s time to make a choice.

There’s a supply chain issue: We have run out of bandaids.

We can argue about how it happened, yell at whoever we’re sold to blame, and watch people on our screens claim to have the answers all day long, but there are only three ways we can finish this decade, and two of them end in bloodshed. Knowing this, I can assert that there is a deadline on taking the peaceful way and it’s screaming towards us pretty fast.

History is very clear about what happens next.

We need to either stop the rotating blades or look for an escape… because since December 2019, the supply chains distributing bandaids have run out, and the rotating blades have fully severed all the main arteries of our society:

Education, Healthcare, Economy, Justice, Administration, Energy, Our Indigenous and so on…

So much of our world has corrupted to the point where even the most innocent of politicians cannot even be trusted. Based on how ridiculous they look at this point in the narrative and how much they endorse the use of inflation to take our wealth [printing dollars, the very instrument of our economic enslavement], their salaries are looking more and more like hush money.

And more and more people are seeing it the same way. Finally.

I’ve been touring the land known as Western Canada since April 2022, meeting with people in tiny living rooms, dive bars, dungy basements, and big community halls. I teach a certain philosophy that I started learning 15 years ago. When they get it, they instantly join the ranks of the free public and help build a nation on their terms.

The solution isn’t even something I need to explain. It’s self-evident. And that’s why we always smile with each other when the outlook is the most bleak. When you know how free you are, the chaos looks a lot more peaceful.

From those who don’t comprehend the paradigms I teach, I get asked one of two questions. Sometimes both.

  1. “How did it get this bad?” and
  2. “What can we do?”

The answers:

  1. The people wanted it.
  2. Whatever you want.

Let me explain.

The People Always Have All the Power

Our community has been talking about this for over 2300 years and after all this time, there’s been no rivalling argument.

We know this because of The Axiom. Our consciousness has sovereign authority over our physical experience.

As a nation, the people have simply forgotten to practice their lives like it’s true. We’ve allowed our agency to erode as we gave the Agents responsibility to govern over our communities.

But restoring integrity to our agency isn’t difficult. Just start looking for people in your community who recognize the unalienable rights derived from The Axiom. Together, you can share what you’re learning about freedom and how to live like you’re already free.

Because you are.

And the more you live this way, the more you live in integrity with The Axiom.

Remember the Honk-a-thon?

That was the International Declaration heard around the world:

“The People are in Charge”

It was so scary to those in the ivory tower, it was worth the risk of invoking an Act reserved for war measures.

That was your government’s declaration. They’re against you.

Don’t worry though. It holds no weight.

That was their laughably immature temper tantrum when their bosses told them they weren’t allowed to burn the house down.

Said differently, our politicians chose to declare war against the sovereign people of the land known as Canada the moment we reminded them about The Axiom.

And for the majority of 2022, the Degens have been debating about who’s in the right.

How much more of this are you going to take?

Time’s running out. The point of no return is now before you.

You Own You.

Take the path where you live in integrity with you having responsibility (ability to respond) over your entire life. This ability is only granted to the people who have learned the languages of love, freedom, and unity.

To learn a language, you need to immerse yourself in conversations with people who speak it more fluently than you. Comment on my posts, subscribe to my emails, follow me on WimKin.

As you’re learning, teach others. Share the conversations you have with those who can help you build a community that safeguards an environment where you can practice living The Axiom even more.

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