Right to Grow

Discover how one man is blowing the lid off the entire orthodontics industry.

Let's stop mutilating our faces, shall we?

Many of us know Weston Price’s work. We’ve even seen it:

His research allowed us to see – visually the effects that diet had on our health.

But something happened with his work.

It was corrupted by nutritionists.

Sounds crazy?

Simply look briefly at the world today with minimal rationality and you’ll be reminded that nothing should surprise you anymore.

Price wasn’t wrong, by the way. It’s just that nutritionists seized the opportunity to bolster their arguments (which in itself isn’t a bad thing)… we do need good nutrition.

In reality, Price confirmed an already growing suspicion amongst the renegades of health.

But the subsequent focus on nutrition distracted people from the root cause of the degeneration he exposed.

So, on Monday, Oct 24, we’re hosting Omar, the man who I first attributed the term, “Solutionary”.

He’s going to be teaching everything he’s learned, how he’s been harmed by modern orthodontics, and why there’s a price on his head.

And when you hear how inspired he is, and to what lengths he’s willing to go to bring integrity to our health care, you’ll see why he is not phased by the danger:

He knows it’s far bigger issue than him and his own ability to breathe freely with an airway that isn’t collapsed.

Please, come meet Omar. Learn about what he’s doing, and let us – as a community – help him the rest of the way to his goal.

Just use the form below to RSVP. I’ll email you the details right after.

Right to Grow

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