How to Secure a Future of Freedom for Your Nation


We are Paul and Taya.

We are community advisors, helping people unify and show them how they can build a nation… on their terms.

We've been invited to visit a community your area and share with them what it takes to build a strong and thriving nation.

Here are a few topics we cover when we’re on tour with communities across the land:

  • Setting up self-governed education systems
  • Finding abundant sources of medicine in the wild (no gardening experience necessary)
  • Ways to defend against the attack on our food supply.
  • The slavery-based monetary system, and how to escape it before it completely collapses
  • 10 areas of community which are largely neglected by government, and easy for your community to self-govern.

Our goal is to help you build a clear vision of what you want for your community, and how to align it with a nation that values freedom.

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